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[ɲaˈi] noun: "hello" in flamboyant Brazilian Portuguese

Thank you for dropping by.

I'm Mariana, amongst many other lives that weave through my journey in this time-space.

My mission is to serve as a bridge builder towards collective connection and to be beacon of authentic expression.

I love to write about lives and to live lives. I especially love to write the lives I then get to live. Or rather -- they write themselves through me. I also dig getting down with the different crew spaces of the filmmaking process. It really is magic.

Above all, I am here now. Human. Being. Or not. I'm a little Alien too.
Shine on,

Mariana Arôxa

PS: Shout out to Wix for making this website not impossible for me to do on my own (there may be amateur hour on some parts).

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