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[ɲaˈi] noun: "hello" in flamboyant Brazilian Portuguese

Thank you for dropping by.

I'm Mariana, amongst many other lives that weave through my journey in this time-space.

My mission is to serve as a bridge builder towards collective connection and to be beacon of authentic expression.

I love to write about lives and to live lives. I especially love to write the lives I then get to live. Or rather -- they write themselves through me. I also dig getting down with the different crew spaces of the filmmaking process. It really is magic.

Above all, I am here now. Human. Being. Or not. I'm a little Alien too.
Shine on,

Mariana Arôxa

PS: Shout out to Wix for making this website not impossible for me to do on my own (there may be amateur hour on some parts).

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Mariana Arôxa


💎 ELENA 💎 A womxn severely bound to her class and strict religious upbringing — invisible to the world and to herself. Her father, Francisco, was a Brazilian immigrant who landed in Southern California in the late 19th century to start a new life. He lucked out in the Gold Rush and his swift wealth expanded the shadows already within him… the same shadows he shared amongst his two children. His older son, Jacob, is his pride and joy… Elena, on the other hand, is a burden Francisco must carry. His wife died giving Elena birth and her father has not once let her forget it. Elena’s arranged marriage seemed like the first dream coming true in her life. Her husband, Frederick Williamson, was the most handsome young oil baron in Southern California… until he showed his true colors on their wedding night and up until his swift death. He left her with wealth beyond measure and an empty vessel with no identity nor inner worth. She is at an existential crossroads, and for the first time, she can make a choice for herself… but it is too late? Come check out “O” at Regal Cinemas Live at @lashortsfest to find out. Tickets in Bio 🎟️ Photography: @gersonlopes_photographer (We wish we could also have Gerson’s composition here… but you’ll get to delight yourself to it at the film. His piano soul chant is… medicine for Elena, and for us all). #lashortsfest #periodpiece #proofofconcept #brazilian #storytellers #actorlife #oscarqualifying #thankyouteam
The moment before
The Thief